Courtesy call by the Marco Martinelli




The Department of Literature received guest from Ravenna.and are Mr Marco Martinelli. He, together with Ermanna Montanari, Luigi Dadina and Marcella Nonni, established the Teatro Della Albe in 1983; the company is based in Ravenna and presents its shows all over the world. Martinell - known for authoring original texts, as well as for rewriting classics - is one of Italy’s most acclaimed playwrights and directors: he has been honoured with international awards, of which 4 times the Ubu Award for writing, directing and theatre pedagogy, the Mess Award in Sarajevo and the Achievement Award of the Journees Theatrales de Carthage. Martinelli's playwriting is popular and cultivated, simple and profound, thought-provoking and emotional at the same time, following into the footsteps of the highest theatrical tradition, from Aristophanes to Brecht.

Guest Visit