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2013/2014 Academic Year
Project NameStudent Name Academic YearProject Link
Proximate Determinants Of Fertility Among Poor And Non Poor Women In Kenya Awes Abdulkadir Amin 2013/2014 View Details
The Effects Of Mother’s Migration On Under-five Mortality In Kenya Erick O. Achola 2013/2014 View Details
Effect Of Infant Mortality On Fertlity In Kenya Hilbert Omamo 2013/2014 View Details
Sub-national Projection Methods: Application To The Counties In The Former Nyanza Province, Kenya. Herbert Odhiambo Kodiko 2013/2014 View Details
Factors Influencing Infant Mortality In Urban Kenya Irene Kittur 2013/2014 View Details
Migration Decision Making: A Case Study Of Kibera, Nairobi Kinyanyi Kilda 2013/2014 View Details
Determinants Of Fertility Preferences Among Currently Married Women In Kenya Laura Lusike Lunani 2013/2014 View Details
Factors Influencing Early Sexual Debut Among 15-24 Year Old ,female Youth In Coast Province, Kenya. Leah Wangari Mwangi 2013/2014 View Details
Estimation Of Fertility In Kenya: An Application Of The Relational Gompertz And Reverse Survival Models Ong’aro Mosorori Moses 2013/2014 View Details
Fertility And Household Poverty In Kenya: A Comparative Analysis Of Coast And Western Provinces George Okoth Odwe 2013/2014 View Details
Determinants Of Under-5 Mortality In Kenya During Upsurge And Declining Trends Period Mwangi Reuben Wambugu 2013/2014 View Details
Estimating Levels And Trends Of Infant And Childhood Mortality In Kenya By The Three Variants Of The Brass Method Godwin Nakitare Ekisa 2013/2014 View Details
Exploring Population Density And Forest Cover Linkages: Evidence From Kenya Ng’ang’a Leah Muthoni 2013/2014 View Details
Estimation Of Fertility In Kenya Using The Projected Parity Progression Ratios: Evidence From 1999 And 2009 Censuses Patrick Mutinda Muthui 2013/2014 View Details
Estimating The Completeness Of Census Enumeration: A Case Study Of Kenya Population And Housing Censuses 1989 And 1999 Phillip Okeyo Okull 2013/2014 View Details
Socioeconomic Determinants Of Under-five Mortality In Principal Cities Of East Africa Community: A Case Study Of Nairobi, Dar-es-salaam And Kigali Stephen Omolo Ogada 2013/2014 View Details
Trends In Adult Mortality In Kenya: 1979 – 2009 Kevin Mala Munjal 2013/2014 View Details

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