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Director, PSRI


As I take the office of the Director, PSRI from Professor Ikamari  my focus will be to overcome the challenges towards the fulfillment of the PSRI’s mandate in research, training and technical backstopping on population issues. I thank the immediate former director for his contributions towards the achievement of the above. During the 12 years he was director we witnessed the establishment of Master of Art in Monitoring and Evaluation and a PhD by course work. The first group of students in the latter programme joined in May 2014. I welcome them to PSRI. I also take this opportunity to welcome, though belatedly, the first group of Master of Arts (M&E for Population and Development Programmes) who started the 2nd semester in May 2014. Besides these formal academic training programmes, PSRI has been conducting a two week course on M&E since 2005. This course has been very popular and has so far trained over 300 participants who are working in Government, NGOs and other organizations including UN agencies. The tenth course will be conducted in August 2014.


Technical backstopping is the other mandate that PSRI has executed well during the 12 years that Professor Ikamari has been director. Notable in the recent past is the Population Situation Analysis (PSA) for Kenya which was undertaken  in collaboration with UNFPA in 2013; being the first of its kind in Africa. Indeed PSRI has been invited to share this experience in regional and international meetings.  I thank UNFPA for the financial and technical support in this activity. Dissemination of the findings in three counties viz: Homa bay Embu and Garissa was conducted in April and May 2014.


During the coming years PSRI intends to strengthen its role in population research by forming research, mentoring and PhD supervision teams in line with the University research policy. These teams will initially focus on analysis of secondary data such as KDHS to produce 5 papers in refereed journals by the end of the 2014-2015 PC period. We seek support from our partners and donors to support this activity. In addition PSRI intends to start two projects in the Rusinga DSS site aimed at demonstrating innovative approaches to reduce infant, child mortality and maternal mortality and increasing use of family planning methods. Again we appeal to our partners for support. The six proposed research projects will form the core of the PSRI research programme during 2014-2015.


PSRI also intends to create a more conducive environment for teaching and research by refurbishing the teaching and research facilities as detailed in my remarks during the handing over ceremony on June 3, 2014. These remarks are also available in the PSRI’s website.


Finally I thank all our donors and partners who have continued to collaborate with us-NCPD, KNBS and UN agencies such as UNFPA and UNICEF among others. I wish to assure them of our continued collaboration with them. I also welcome other organizations that may wish to collaborate with us.


Previous Directors

1.   Prof. Simeon H. Ominde- Founder Director (1976- 1986)

2.   Prof. Hastings Okoth-Ogendo: (1986- 1991)

3.   Prof.  Shinyasa Khasiani  (1992- 1993)

4.   Prof. John O. Oucho  (1993- 1996)

5.   Prof. A.B.C. Ocholla-Ayayo (1996-2002)

6.   PROF. LAWRENCE D.E. IKAMARI (2002-2014)















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